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Our activities in a nutshell

The way we operate to ensure the most optimal assistance:

- we explore the client’s needs and expectations even before they move to Switzerland by means of the pre-departure assessment

- Providing methods and tools that allow our clients to create their own success story of their experience abroad by supporting their search for living and housing arrangements and by assisting their job search and career continuation.

- Using a method which focuses on balancing the clients career, personal fulfillment and achievement.

- Offering service programs adjusted to each client individually. and providing them with knowledge that they can apply over and over again in future repatriations or when moving back home.

- One-on-one coaching, networking and personal advice. We give genuine attention to each client personally.

- Finalising each career and integration program with our extended follow up services which are included in the program. This means that even after career or integration goals have been met and the program is concluded, we make sure that all de needs are fulfilled.

- Offering the benefits of our experience which spans a unique mixture of know-how about a variety of industries and professional services. We offer outstanding communication skills, cross-cultural know-how and experience.

- By delivering quality, service, innovation, creativity and passion with what we do and what we promise.

Our clients:

Corporate Clients

Our Corporate Clients are typically multinational companies, knowing that to attract, develop and retain talented individuals is critical to their business. These companies are committed to helping employees in balamcing the increased demands of their daily work with fulfilling personal lives. They are convinced that offering support programs to employees and their transferring partners will maximize productivity, flexibility and retention rate.

Private Clients

Our Private Clients are international assignees and their partners, who are seeking opportunities to continue to work and integrate in Switzerland. However they lack local jobmarket knowledge, network and cultural skills to be successful. They are committed to assume an active role in the process of achieving their professional and/or personal goals.