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Career Services for global professionals

Efficient management of global (or international) assignments allows corporations and organizations to benefit from talented employees to be globally assigned by moving them to various locations. Managing international business needs, meeting demanding deadlines and the need for qualified and skilled employees at a local level are the main reasons for sending employees on international assignments.

Global Mobility trend surveys conclude that the need to move talent will either stay at the current level, or may even increase in the years to come. Family concerns are main reason for refusal of the assignment or for failure of the assignment altogether.

Generally, the employee as well as the partner and children should be assisted carefully to understand the challenges that lie ahead and learn about how to cope with them.

C2You! supports clients who are sent on international assignements. We give practical information, advice and recommendations to our clients. This already starts before the beginning of the assigmment and continues during and after the relocation. We actively help the families to adjust to the local culture, we assist them in finding appropriate, quality housing and provide assistance with schooling and educational needs.

Career continuation

Furthermore, we offer learning services to facilitate smooth integration in the local culture and to adjust to the local work environment to continue or manage the continuation of any existing career. With our staff’s experience, we offer personal and professional support to our relocating clients in finding oppprtunities in a wide variety of businesses. Our professional expertise includes skilled support in consulting, career coaching, networking, communication as well as cross-cultural know-how to help our clients find personal success.

Career Services

For anyone who is seeking employment either as a first time effort or when you are looking for new career opportunities. Or career programs offer support for writing documents like your CV, cover letters and a short and long term career plan, as well as career building skills like interviewing and salary negotiation.

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Recruitment & Selection

Since the C2You! activities have started on the Swiss employment market, we have been actively involved in recruitment, selection and placement of personnel in a variety of businesses. Our recruitment and staffing activities are certified by the Swiss federal sercretariat for economic affairs (SECO). For more information about our SECO registration click here

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Personal Development & Training

Our training and personal development services are aimed at providing professional consulting and coaching to assess your talents and make the right decisions to develop your career in line with your talents, experience and personal desires. We offer a variety of learning tools, workshops and personal services.

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Integration Services

Settle-in comfortably with practical assistance from experienced specialists. Before, during and after relocating to a new country. It's likely that you need to know more about the local house market, how to deal with local culture, regulations and practical issues. We are experts in the housing market in the area known as the ‘Suisse Romande”. Having a relevant number of years of experience we understand the needs and concerns of our clients.

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